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Transformational Coach, Lisa Lemley shows women entrepreneurs who are struggling with self-doubt and feeling stuck how to overcome money blocks and use their true gifts to live their dream life.

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Lisa believes that when each of us shares our unique gift, there will be harmony in the world. This is when each of us is giving from our hearts and being seen and valued for our authentic selves. It is time to heed the clarion call and for women to stop playing smaller than they are.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

If you are feeling stuck, unable to move forward with ease or looking for Wise Spirit Woman support, SunWoman is the real deal! Working with her is such a lovely, inspiring, catalyzing experience. She lovingly and clearly, intuitively helps bring to light the most graceful path for your soul to shine! I was initially interested in working with Lisa Moonjata Lemley as a Rolf Method Practitioner personally obsessed with movement with ease and the process of manifestation. I find her guided meditations/visualizations and Shamanic Massages to be extraordinarily potent and her Soul Conscious one-on-one Coaching to be huge support guiding me gently but rapidly into alignment allowing me to live my dreams with purpose and effortlessness. She is such a karmic gift. SunWoman Lisa Moonjata Lemley, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alison Grabel, Rolf Method Structural Integrator, California

Lisa has been an instrumental force in guiding me as an artist and a writer to succeed in my greater vision for my career. She has an amazing intuitive talent for creating the most beautiful customized guided meditations which are tremendously supportive of deep emotional transformation. Her unique coaching style is clear, spiritual, and effective. I recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to increase momentum in the direction of their greatest aspirations, and goals. –Love you Lisa!

Limor Farber, Artist and Author, Kauai


Coaching with Lisa Lemley was very powerful for me. She asked many questions which revealed insights about my life. I have many challenging things going on at the moment and huge decisions to make. Lisa helped me to get focused on my gifts and live in a higher state of vibration. I highly recommend Lisa’s coaching to anyone who is looking to find their purpose and have a happier and more fulfilling life.

Anne Plath  Health Coach, New Jersey