Group Coaching Calls

Developing Your Intuition

Tools for learning to trust your inner knowing - 56 minutes

Focus on What's Important

Stephen Covey's 4 Quadrants- 62 minutes

7 Steps to Write & Publish Your Own Book

Interview with Margo Nagy- 50 minutes

Third Eye & Crown 6th & 7th Chakra

Seeing & Believing in the Unlimited - 65 minutes

Throat 5th Chakra

Healing the Manifestation Chanel- 65 minutes

Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra

Bringing Power into Action - 77 minutes

Sacral 2nd Chakra

Empowerment Energy Center - 76 minutes

Root 1st Chakra

Everything from the root up! The root informs the other chakras - 60 minutes

Get Your Sexy Back

Heal the 2nd Chakra to Attract More - 82 minutes

50 Ways to Make Money

Become a Conscious Creator or the Economy- 61 minutes

Feeling Stuck Around Income Goals

Expand Value Based on Family History - 67 minutes

Be More Alive & On-Fire This Year

Start a powerful year - 38 minutes